Join the USO and send a message of thanks to our troops!

MICHELLE WALKER | Wednesday, January 28, 2015I have a military families support group in my school. Is there any information that I can share with our families. Michelle Walker Community Parent Involvement Specialist for Pemberton Early Childhood Education Center

Parke Schalon | Wednesday, January 28, 2015Thank you ALL for your service and for allowing me and my family to enjoy our freedom in the USA! Please believe me when I say we don't take our freedom for granted. God Bless each and every one of you.

Kelly Jenkins | Monday, January 26, 2015Thank you for your service!!!!!!!

Tim Sullivan | Wednesday, January 21, 2015I have multiple friends and family in the military. I try and thank all veterans as much as I can. I love you all for your courage and bravery. As a citizen of the United States I don't always support the wars, but I WILL NEVER STOP SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS! SAY SAFE! LOVE FROM NY

CJ Goin | Wednesday, January 21, 2015Thank you for your dedicated service.

sunil maddipatla | Tuesday, January 20, 2015Troops thank you!

Kyndal Payne | Wednesday, January 07, 2015Dear Troops, my name is Kyndal. I am a big fan and a big supporter and prayer warrior of ya'll!! I love to support and pray for ya'll. I would just like to tell ya'll from the bottom of my heart "Thank You" for ya'lls wonderful service to our country, ya'lls service to our country is very much appreciated!! It's because of brave soldiers like ya'll that I can lay my head down in peace knowing that I don't have to be afraid cause I know that there is someone in uniform fighting to keep me safe. Ya'll have my

Akeenan Biggs | Wednesday, January 07, 2015I am so thankful for you guys for keeping our country safe. We appreciate your bravery. Stay positive and remember God is going to reward each and one of you!

Troy Eisenhour | Tuesday, January 06, 2015Hope your holidays were somewhat a comfort to you and your families during the time you were apart. I have been there and I know it's not easy but being around your fellow friends helps some. Have a safe and hope for a speedy end so that you all can come home.??

Brandi Gitlin | Monday, January 05, 2015Thank you so much for everything you do! Not many could do your job.

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